About Us

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The Princess Experience is a character company based in Liverpool, UK. We pride ourselves in providing the most authentic, high quality Princess Experience in our area since 2015. Our company is focused on creating magical memories for each family we visit and bringing enchanting Princesses right to your door! 

All of our performers are trained singers, actors and musical theatre performers with a strong ability to bring not only the characters personality to life, but their songs too! The second your Princess walks through the door, they remain in character with the voice, mannerisms and personality of the Princess they are portraying to ensure your interactions with your Princess is truly believable. In each of our visits, the Princesses will sing completely live with no miming or singing over tracks. Our performers also know their characters inside and out and are ready to answer any questions children or adults may have for them to answer. 

As well as our performers having the ability to play the part extremely well, we ensure our Princesses look the part by dressing our performers in custom made gowns, wigs and accessories from exceptional seamstresses and wig makers with an in-house wig stylist of their own to ensure our quality is kept to the highest standard possible.

Our packages each have a structure which is carried out during the party, but we allow for parts of the package to be child-led. If the children are enjoying a particular section, we may extend it. Or if they aren't responding well to a section we'll cut it short and replace it with something else. Although we will have a plan for the age group and number we are performing for, children can be unpredictable and our performers are able to improvise and adapt to different environments and responses.

We hope to see you at your next special occasion!