Frequently Asked Questions

& Visiting Tips!

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Our aim is to ensure your Princess visit runs as smoothly as possible!
On this page, you'll find lots of answers to questions we are asked often about our visits along with some tips for yourself and your guests!


How do I book?

Our "Packages & Bookings" page has all of the information you need to start the booking process!

I don't know which date or characters I'd like yet - can you pencil me in?

We need to know your date, time, characters, package and venue for you to submit your booking request. This lets us know how far we have to travel, how long we'll be there for and which performers are needed. It also allows us to work other parties around yours!

Will my place be secure without a deposit?

Once your booking has been approved and availability has been confirmed, we will hold your slot for 48 hours. If the deposit is not paid within this time, your slot may be passed to the next waiting customer.

Which areas do you cover?

We are based in Liverpool, but we also cover many surrounding areas! We can cover Liverpool, Wirral, Ormskirk, New Brighton, St Helens, Widnes, Warrington, Maghull, Ormskirk, Knowsley and other surrounding areas. There may be a small travel fee if we are required to travel futher than our immediate area which will be discussed with you upon recieving your booking request.

Can I pay cash on the day?

All balances must be paid off up to a week before the visit via bank transfer. We can't accept cash on the day.

Do you provide a venue, a DJ, the cake, food or decorations?

Unfortunately not. We're a company that focuses on quality over quanity so we only provide characters, the music & equipment they need along with any small extras booked for your party (glitter tattoos, makeovers & crafts). We are however extremely lucky to be friends with many different companies that provide these things and are more than happy to give any recommendations!

When should I book?

It's never too early to book! Try to book in plenty of time to avoid disappointment. Occasionally we will have a slot available for last minute bookings, but this is rare. We want to be able to visit everyone and hate turning people away!

When is the best time for the Princesses to arrive?

At least 15 minutes after the start of the party and with a farewell time of 15 minutes before the end. We don't want your guests to see us coming and going! There isn't anything magical about seeing Princesses climbing out of a car!

What time will they arrive?

We give 15 minute arrival slots just to account for bad traffic or parking issues. As we're constantly on the road, at times, traffic is unavoidable. Bookings can be made well in advance, travel routes are completed then a football game, marathon or other road blocking event is announced! If you only have a hall booked up until a certain time, please don't book us right at the end.


Do you offer any unlisted characters or mascots?

All of our available characters can be viewed on our "Characters" page. If the character isn't listed, we unfortunately don't provide them.

I've booked another Princess or mascot company - can you visit together?

Unfortunately not. As we are a character company who focuses on the quiality and authenticity of our visits and characters, we wouldn't want to risk any confusion or clashes of routines if we visited at the same time.

Can I request a specific performer?

We can never guarantee a specific performer as unfortunately they become unavailable or may call in sick! But you're more than welcome to request and we'll do all we can to get them to appear at your party!

Do the Princesses sing?

Yes! All of our Princesses sing completely live!

Can I request a song?

The Princesses are always happy to sing their friends songs if requested, but unfortunately they don't have chart music in their kingdoms. However, they're always happy to learn about new music and listen to the children sing their favourite songs!

What if the Princess is focusing more on the guests than the Birthday child?

The only reason a Princess would do this is if she notices that the child is reluctant to interact or a little uncertain and doesn't want to push them or overwhelm them with attention. It's her way of showing the birthday child that she's friendly, approachable and is giving them some space and time to simply watch and decide if they'd like to interact.


My child is younger than your recommended age group - can I still book?

You know your child best! We can only go from experience when it comes to age suggestions. When it comes to children under the age of 4, if can be a gamble whether they will enjoy the experience. If you are booking for a younger child, it's usually best to ensure there are plenty of other children there to join in so that the visit can still run as planned. Watcing their older friends and family interact with the Princesses first can also be encouraging to shy children!

My child or another guest has a special need or disability - will they be able to enjoy the experience?

Of course! All we ask is that you let us know as much information as you can about their particular condition as possible. That way, we are able to plan our visit carefully, avoiding things that may upset them (i.e loud noises, clapping).

What should I do if my child is shy and wont approach the Princesses?

Don't force them to speak to, hug or get in a photo with the Princesses. We want to create happy memories with our visits, not scary ones! It can take some children a few encounters with Princesses before they are fully comfortable. Watching their friends interact can encourage most children to do the same, just give them time!

One of the children is being disruptive, what should I do?

Please step in or ask another adult (preferably their parent/guardian) to step in. The Princesses will never get cross with a child, but she may have to be firm with a child as a last resort if she thinks the childs behaviour is ruining the experience for others or damaging her costume or equipment. We'd like to avoid this completely by having a supervising adult step in as we don't want to cause any upset on such a happy occasion!

Your Party

Do you need us to play music for you?

No thank you! We bring our music with us along with a customised playlist for each visit themed around your chosen characters. We'd really appreciate if if you could keep all televisions/own music off for the duration of the visit.

Could you hold the babies/small children for a photograph?

If you'd like a photograph with a very little one, please allow the Princess time to sit down either on the floor or on a chair and the baby can sit on her knee! We promise, you'll get much nicer photos this way! Please also ensure little ones are free from any chocolatey hands, ice cream faces or muddy shoes before passing them to the Princess! It might be the end of your visit, but the Princess may have somewhere else to go afterwards and she won't want to disappoint anybody by arriving in a mucky dress!

Can we take photos or videos?

Of course! You can film or take photos of the entire visit if you wish! We have an allocated time for posed photographs near the end of the party when each child will have their opportunity to be photographed with the Princesses. We choose to use the time at the end and not straight away so that the more uncertain children have time to get to know us before pictures are taken together.

Venue & Other Entertainment

Can you visit us at a soft play centre, restaurant or cafe?

Of course! We can visit you anywhere you like! All we ask is that you have permission from the owners that they will allow us in. We'd hate to be turned away on the day and have to cancel your visit!

I've booked a bouncy castle/soft play - can you still come?

Of course we can! We just ask that the bouncy castles are switched off for the duration of the visit. You may wish to opt for a smaller package if this is the case!

Can you work with a DJ I have booked?

Of course! As long as they are happy for us to do our entire routine while we are there! Please provide us with their name, a link to their facebook, their phone number or email so we are able to chat to them before the party about how we will run things!

My party is outdoors - is that okay?

That's perfectly fine if the weather is! If it's extremely hot, cold or raining, please have a back up ready! (for instance if it's in your garden, please have the living room prepared in case we need to move indoors!)

Where will the Princesses park?

The Princesses will park a few doors down from the party if they are visiting you at home, this stops the little ones seeing them get in and out of the car (so please don't follow them over the door when they leave with the little ones, we need to "disappear"). If the visit is in a hall, they will park in the car park away from any windows or doors where they may be seen. Please esure there is plenty of space to park (saving a parking space would be HUGELY appreciated!). If parking is limited, please let us know in your booking request.

Preparing Guests

We have older children at our party, will that be an issue?

Not at all! Older children very rarely misbehave and usually love joining in with the visit! Unfortunately now and again, we do come across disruptive older children who unintentionally put a dampener on the visit for the younger children. It may be an idea for older children who don't quite believe in the Princesses to be taken to one side before the visit and asked to help encourage the little ones. Usually, if they are given a speicial responsibility, they will be less likely to misbehave!

What do I need to have ready?

For packages not including makeup or glitter tattoos, just yourselves! If there is any of these things being used at your party, a table and chair you don't mind getting slightly sparkly would be greatly appreciated. We always bring towels, sheets and other things to clean up after ourselves, but we also don't want to get any pixie dust on your best furniture!

Should I keep the visit as a surprise for my child?

It's always a good idea to prepare children for their Princess visit so they don't become too overwhelmed! It can greatly enhance the experience to read the Princesses story, talk about the Princess, watch some Princess films and think about some questions your little one would like to ask them!

How can I prepare the adults?

Princess visits haven't been around forever, so it can be as exciting for the adults as it is for the children! Please remind the adults who may be unfamiliar with Princess visits that we will be in character throughout the visit. They are more than welcome to ask any questions they may have, but please don't try to catch us out (it won't work - our performers know their character inside out!), or call us by our real names.