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How to book, our packages & our booking form!

Firstly, thank you so much for choosing to book with us! We know that party planning can be stressful and we'd like to assure you that you're in good hands!

1. Please ensure you've read our useful pages such as our character pages, FAQs and visiting tips. These pages are here to assure that your visit runs smoothly and safely and are written from years of experience in character visits, live performance and childrens entertainment.

2. Check out our packages below to see which one suits your party or budget! Please note that filling out a form is just a request for availability, it doesn't mean your booking is secure! 

3. Either click the "book now" button on your chosen package or scroll to the booking form at the bottom of the page. Fill in all fields and we'll be sure to get back to you via email within two working days with information on how to secure your booking!

4. Any trouble, contact us via email and we'll help you fill in the form! Please give us three working days to check availability for your visit before following up - we have to make sure the correct performers are free for your chosen time and package before we confirm availability! 

A quick visit from your favourite Princess!

This package works well with both small and big groups of guests!


•Interaction as a group


•Birthday song

•Individual meet and greets

•Photo & Autograph opportunities


Each additional Princess after the second is £45 Per Princess. 



Recommended number of guests

Minimum: 5    Maximum: 30


Recommended for any age!

Have your favourite Princess transform you and your friends into real Princesses! 


•Interaction as a group


•Birthday song

•Individual meet and greets

•Photo opportunities

•Coronation Ceremony

•Princess Lessons

•Glitter Tattoos 

•Nail Varnish 


Each additional Princess after the second is £65 Per Princess. If an additional Princess is added, the recommended maximum number of children can go up to 20

Recommended number of guests

Minimum: 10    Maximum: 15


Recommended for ages 6+

Become a REAL Princess or Prince on your special day by having your very own coronation ceremony!


•Interaction as a group


•Birthday song

•Glitter Tattoos

•Coronation Ceremony for Birthday Child 

•Individual meet and greets

•Photo & Autograph opportunities


Each additional Princess after the second is £55 Per Princess



Recommended number of guests

Minimum: 8   Maximum: 15


Recommended for ages 5+

Our "Pop In" Package from the comfort of your own home! Your favourite Princess can now use their magic mirror to call you and your friends!


•Interaction as a group


•Birthday song



Only one Princess is available for each zoom call! 



Recommended number of guests

Minimum: 1   Maximum: 10


Recommended for ages 5+

With this package, you get to become a Princess or a Prince and decorate a tiara with your friends with the help of your favourite Princess!


•Interaction as a group


•Storytime with Princesses

•Happy Birthday song

•Princess lessons

•Coronation Ceremony for Birthday Child

•Decorate your own Tiara

•Meet and greet for each individual child, with photograph/autograph opportunities.



Each additional Princess after the second is £60 Per Princess


Recommended Number of Guests:

Minimum: 10                 Maximum: 15


Recommended for ages 5+

All of our packages and what they include - age recommendations, number of recommended children etc are written from years of experience of visiting with the Princesses! 

We true to ensure (especially with group numbers) that we are fully able to provide a relaxed, enjoyable and memorable environment with the Princesses rather than have too many children and not get through everything in the package. 

We are more than happy to tailor a package to suit your number of children or ages by removing or altering a certain element of the package!


Just let us know and we can tailor a package to your needs! 

"Pop In"

"Crown Jewel"

"Coronation Day"

"Virtual Visit"

One Princess    Two Princesses   

One Princess    Two Princesses 

From:                   From:

From:                   From:

One Princess        Two Princesses 

From:                       From:


"Personalise It!"

30 Minute Visit

1 Hour Visit 

1 Hour 30 Minute Visit 

2 Hour Visit

30 Minute Virtual Visit



£90         £125

£125         £160



One Princess     Two Princesses

From:                     From:

One Princess     



Keep scrolling for our booking form! 

Can't find what you're looking for?

We still might be able to help!

We can make you a package!

if you wanted to add or remove elements of a package, your number of guests exceeds the recommended number or you just have something special in mind - just let us know!

it might be solved simply by extending your package for an extra half an hour! 

Choose the package you'd like your visit to be similar to, then at the end of the booking form, tell us what you need! We'll be able to let you know if this is possible and get back to you with a quote!

I need something you don't offer!

the box at the bottom of the booking form will come in handy again!

we are in contact with lots of useful party people! we offer characters, glitter tattoos, basic face painting and the Princesses music system (with equipment). if you need any recommendations for services such as DJs, venues, cakes, face painters, balloons, venue dressing, mascots etc - just let us know at the bottom of your booking form and we'll be able to send you a list of those we are happy to recommend!

See you soon! x


Please note: Our "Pop In" Package is the only package available while social distancing is in place to use as a garden visit. 

Based in Liverpool, UK

Available to cover surrounding areas upon request.

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