Video Greetings!

& Other Lockdown Services

Hello everyone! 

This is a way for us to continue making magic throughout the troubles and isolation COVID - 19 has recently put many families in.


Please read the information carefully for each service and fill in the form below! 

What we're offering! 


We are currently offering Facetimes, pre-recorded messsages, a penpal service and "virtual visits" through zoom. All of the online services will have limited availability and will also be subject to performer availability.


Please see our "Packages and Booking" page for our Virtual Visit Zoom option or continue for our other services!  

A few of our characters will be available for Facetime calls a few hours per week.


You will be able to request a time slot within the characters session - as the magic mirror only has enough pixie dust to run for a few hours!


Chat and sing with your favourite Princess, tell them about your day and ask any questions you'd like to know the answer to! 

As much as we'd love to offer this service 24/7 and have time slots available any day and time, our Princesses don't always look as picture perfect when they're lounging about their kingdoms and they want to look their absolute best for you!


We'll do our best to offer characters in order of popularity as regularly as we can. 

 Our pre-recorded video messages are great for younger or shy children who may not know what to say during a Facetime! It also leaves you with something to rewatch and keep afterwards! 


We need notice of a week or so to be able to provide your message!


The form below has a space for you to include things you'd like the Princess to include in the message! This can be anything from praising your little one for tidying their toys away to reminding them how important it is to go to bed when asked!


The more you include, the more detailed, lengthy and personalised your video will be! 


There's nothing more lovely than receiving a handwritten letter from a friend!


We know many children are lonely at the moment so we've decided to start a penpal service from their favourite Princess! 

Your little one will receive a completely handwritten and personalised letter (you can help The Princess know what your little Prince or Princess has been up to by filling in some helpful suggestions for their letter on the booking form!).


The letters are autographed and wax sealed for that regal looking finish and the Princess will even send a small gift with your letter too! 


The best part for you - if you'd like more than one letter and your child wishes to reply - you can send us back a photograph of the letter from your child so you don't even have to leave the house! (We understand many families have high risk members and are shielding!) 

Facetimes - £10 

10-15 Minutes

Pre-Recorded messages £10 

"Written With Love"

Princess Penpal - £6 


This is a just a request form, we will email you to finalise your booking - filling in the form isn't a confirmation of your booking.


If you're unsure about a character name, please check out our "Characters" page to ensure there's no confusion during the booking process.

Based in Liverpool, UK

Available to cover surrounding areas upon request.

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It is not the intention of The Princess Experience to violate any copyright laws. Our characters are not name brand copyrighted characters, they are generic and inspired by many different tellings of storybook characters. We can only accept bookings from those who understand we do not represent any licensed characters. If you require a licensed, copyrighted character for your event - please contact the copyright holders. Thank you.